Cyber Defense

Empowering Your Digital Defense

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Embrace Opportunities with Confidence

In an era where technology is indispensable for meeting the diverse needs of customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders, an organization’s cybersecurity must foster both resilience and trust. Beyond safeguarding mission-critical assets and ensuring business continuity post-cyberattack, how can you secure the data entrusted to you by stakeholders?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all cybersecurity action plan, protective strategies led by business imperatives need to be ingrained in governance models, operational processes, and the organizational culture.

Integrating cybersecurity into the fabric of your business enables the protection of critical assets and the cultivation of trust. This approach empowers you to seize opportunities, maintain resilience, navigate rapidly changing risks and regulations, and facilitate faster transformation.

The Vertex Cyber Security Services practices offer a comprehensive business-operations perspective on cybersecurity services. We assist you in upholding your information protection agenda amid the evolution of your business and technology programs, providing enhanced visibility and understanding of evolving risks.

Technical assessments, including regulatory-driven assessments such as CBEST, TBEST
Aids in pinpointing infrastructure vulnerabilities, verifies the effectiveness of a comprehensive and cost-efficient technical assessment approach, and formulates actionable remediation guidance.
Security operations and monitoring
Assists in evaluating, designing, implementing, and overseeing your security monitoring programs. This includes support in establishing a security operations center, implementing incident response and threat intelligence processes, and evaluating existing processes, technology, staffing, and sourcing models.
Security analytics
Enhances your capacity to identify security events more effectively through advanced analysis of extensive data. Leveraging anomaly algorithms, visualizations, and scalable compute and storage layers, it facilitates the extraction of more meaningful events, enabling you to concentrate your investigative efforts.
Insider threat
Assists in evaluating the risk of insider threats, designing and implementing an insider threat program, deploying an automated insider threat toolset, and assessing the effectiveness of your insider threat program.